Belize Tikal Tours

The Tikal Mayan ruins in the Peten region of Guatemala are truly breathtaking -- and mysterious, as is the civilization that built Tikal almost 2000 years ago.  (So mysterious in fact, that Tikal was filmed as the hidden rebel base on the Planet Yavin in George Lucas' Star Wars.)
The portion of Tikal that has been excavated and studied is about the size of Central Park in Manhattan, and a guide is highly recommended.Tikal (meaning Place of the Voices) is located about 40 miles from Flores on Lake Peten Itza, and is in the middle of the 230 square mile Tikal National Park.
In addition to the mystery of the ruins, wildlife and exotic tropical birds such as Howler Monkeys and Toucans are abundant in the Park and among the ruins themselves. (The last time we were there, we saw flocks of Toucans, a group of Spider Monkeys, and definitely heard a troop of Howlers late in the day.  The trip TO Tikal was also an eventful one full of wild turkeys, pigs, a rare Orange Breasted Falcon, goats and even a herd of cattle.)
Cost: $350.00 per person

This tour leaves Belize City at 6:00am daily.